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My hobby-horses

Each hobby-horse is unique and I manufacture it with best care and attention. The head is made of high-quality faux fur, the mane of real fur of Heidschnucken or Icelandic sheep. That's why you can comb, brush or plait them as you like. My hobby-horses are held at the stick; the rider is sitting on the stick and enjoys freedom of movement for the legs - so he can jump over obstacles. Compared to former wooden hobby-horses with a crossbar at the head and wheels at the end, my version minimises the risk of injury when falling down.

Available now


The hobby-horses are available in two sizes, the difference is the size of the head. The whole length is always one meter.

Having a larger mane, the large hobby-horses are more popular with girls.

Zwei verschiedene Größen


Suitable harnesses with separately detachable reins are available in different colours (see "Available now").


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